About Us

The community of songwriters and musicians who make up Nashville’s music scene are as diverse as the music itself, which is why Nashville is not only the Music City, but it is also the city of oak whiskey barrels, walnut bar countertops, finely crafted guitars, the Grand Ole Opry’s iconic circle, and the forested hills of Tennessee. Wood, like music, is in my blood. So it felt natural when I, a “former” professional drummer branched out and established Nashville Woodcraft. So I get to “groove” on stage AND from my woodshop in Nashville, TN, turning out high-quality detail-oriented handmade works of functional art for the modern home.

In a world of mass-produced and disposable products, there is an unequivocal joy in owning something handmade, and something made well. There is a certain satisfaction of seeing the fine details in each original piece. And there is a certain enjoyment in owning a functional piece of art that will add a designer touch to your kitchen, your entertaining service pieces, your ottoman, or any place in your home: At Nashville Woodcraft, each curated piece is unique, our butcher blocks, ottoman trays, and custom herringbone shutters to name a few, are where functionality and style intersect. They are made with our own two hands. And they are made with love from Nashville.

All of our products are made from solid maple, walnut, cherry, ash, and other high quality woods, and we source all of our rough stock hardwoods from a local family-run lumber yard right here in Nashville. In addition, Nashville Woodcraft believes in sustainable logging and harvesting of trees, which is why we make donations to a local plant-a-tree fund when a product is purchased.

As important as the quality of our products are, our customer is everything to us. Whether you are passionate about home-decor, a fan of fine craftsmanship, or a first-time browser, you will get an excellent online shopping experience that will make you feel as confident as you would if you were physically in our workshop in Nashville! We personally humanize your online experience by welcoming you into our community with quick message response times, extensive product knowledge, our product warranty, other after-sales support services, carefully hand wrapping your item, and remembering your name the next time you shop with them. And if you ask nicely, maybe I’ll even bang out a drum solo for you!

I would love to share the full story in detail. But it's rather challenging to operate a 4000 rpm table saw and write blogs at the same time. So I opt to focus my attention on the hand-made products so that I can continue to provide you with craftsmanship that is on point and customer service that goes beyond your expectations.