This particular tray is made out of Walnut hardwood, top and bottom and has brushed brass handles on it.  Like all of our products, I hand select the rough stock wood from my local lumber yard here in Nashville, and cut and plane the rough wood myself to be used in the work you see here.  Walnut is one of the harder woods on the spectrum.  Unlike lots of reclaimed wood or pine, Walnut is more durable and tougher to scratch...very difficult to scratch with your fingernail for example.   Since it's harder and denser, it's also a bit heavier.  These qualities make Walnut a great wood for making items like this, as it is durable and will last for years and years.  Not to mention the grain characteristics are very pleasing to look at.  


Like anything made out of real wood - you need to treat it with respect and take care of it.  Please see product care notes for more information.   


The product has been finished with satin lacquer to seal and protect it, same finish that is used on most dining room tables.