His Description

This here beauty is made out of good old fashion American Ash.  It’s straight up Hard. Wood. The only corners that are cut on this bad boy are the tight 45 degree ones on the actual corners of it.  Other than that, it’s probably the most sturdy ottoman tray you’ll come across on either side of the Mississippi River.  You’ll feel it when you pick it up, and you’ll hear it when you set your cocktail down on it…that satisfying, thick, solid "clunk” sound that a beer bottle makes when it’s put down on something substantial.  You may experience some momentary confusion as you find yourself unsure of whether or not you’ve just set your beverage down on your kitchen table…oh wait, nope, it was your ottoman tray.  If you tend to suffer from kitchen table vs. ottoman tray distinction anxiety, then this tray is not for you, and we recommend going with a cheaper, less substantial option that's made overseas from a big box retailer.  And we won’t take it personally either. I get it. Life can be hard. So is this tray.