His Description

This baby is made out of Hard Wood! No cheap alternatives.  It's unlike any other ottoman tray you've likely ever encountered before...in fact, I only call it an ottoman tray because my wife insists that that's what it is... I disagree.  I consider it a mini dining room table, that sits on your ottoman, or coffee table...or any number of other places in your house that you just wish you could have your dining room table with you...  You can tell that it's a mini dining room table by the way it sounds when you set your beer down on it.  Like Thor's hammer slamming into the side of a mountain.  Next time there's a tornado or hurricane or earthquake in Nashville, I won't be heading into the basement, I'll be hiding under this thing, giggling at the pathetic storm outside.  This thing is solid, it's sturdy.  Yet sensitive and pretty when you need a shoulder to cry on.  Just kidding, try not to cuddle with this thing, it's heavy, you'll get a black eye.