His Description

I like to call this butcher block “The Mapco Hot Dog”…Random, yes.  But for some reason the white lines of hard maple that run through the center of this board remind me of the endless white lines of an interstate from several years back when I was doing more touring as a drummer. After leaving a venue very late in the evening, a man can find himself hungry.  And at that hour in wherever USA your best bet of finding a bite is gonna be at the nearest Mapco gas station.  You step off the bus and wander into the fine establishment, fingers crossed that there’s still a couple of those little meat tubes spinning on that 30 dog roller, glistening and shining in all their glory…from whatever it is that makes them glisten and shine like that.  Lord knows how long they’ve been spinning there…maybe an hour…maybe a day? Doesn’t matter… It’s kinda like wandering into a kennel where all the attractive and cute dogs have been adopted, but then there’s a couple lonely ones that are left.  I’m a dog person, and I believe every dog should have a good home…even the hot dogs.  So I adopt them, and enjoy them…much differently than I enjoy my own furry dogs at home of course … those dogs I don’t eat.  I can’t speak for my wife though, she’s a different story…on more than one occasion I’ve overheard her talking to my dog Hank, telling him that his big Rottweiler face is so cute that she’s going to eat it…. It’s unclear what her intentions really are, but so far, Hank still has his face. 

Anyhow, probably time to stop gabbing about hot dogs now, because I assume if you’re the type of person whose interested in a board of this quality and design, chances are you’re likely going to be making something a tad more elegant than a ballpark frank.  Or maybe you ARE going to make some hots dogs.  Who knows! Who really cares! You do you.  But whatever you decide to chop and cook with it, you can do so knowing that you’re working with a very high quality and attractive kitchen product, made right here in the United States, by a guy (me), in his wood shop, with his own hands…while he may or may not be enjoying a hot dog at the same time…. I promise I won’t get any mustard stains on it though.