His Description

This beefcake of a butcher block is made out of solid hardwood - 100% American Hard Maple and Walnut, and treated with a food-safe finish. 
While you can make a butcher block out of any wood really, hard maple has been an industry standard for years for cutting boards and butcher blocks.  Maple is hard enough to withstand the abuse of being a cutting board, but not so hard that it will damage or dull down your expensive knives.  It's also a very attractive wood, with a nice grain texture, allowing your sweet little beefcake to tow the line between beauty and function… and as the potential new owner of one of these, you need to be sensitive to the fact that on a daily basis your little beefcake struggles with a very intense identity crises. It’s unsure of whether it's supposed to be a brawny butcher block, or very attractive decorative piece for your kitchen, and as such it's is often very anxious and irritable. Like a confused pre-teen trying to impress a crush, it may flip flop on a dime trying to be all things you want it to be, just minus the acne.
But in all seriousness, just a high-quality butcher block here with some really attractive walnut inlayed into it.
Now go on a get one, you know you want it!