Mounting Instructions Shutters

Since these shutters are sturdy and substantial addition to your home, installation will require a bit more effort than say, hanging a picture frame on your wall.  Having mounted these shutters ourselves before into a brick house, the following steps are our recommended best practices to make sure everything goes smoothly. 


Here’s the quick rundown as far as best practices for mounting them.


If you’re more of a video/visual person and like a little bit of entertainment, here’s a pretty good demonstration of the gist of it.  Please also read the instruction below as there’s important info specific to our shutters as well. 

Here’s the video -


  1. If mounting into brick - just make sure to use a masonry drill bit. If you have a hammer drill, that can make the process a little easier, if into wood, regular drill no big deal.


  1. They’re much easier as a two person job, so and extra hand will help. Also, if you have a window sill overhang, then clamping a 2x4 or something similar to the window sill will provide a nice even surface to set the shutter on for step three. It will also likely line up with where you want the bottom of the shutter to land.


  1. I’ve pre drilled the holes for you where the screws will go. So basically just hang them in place where you want them, hold them steady and then re-drill thru those holes to hit the side of your house and make a quick mark for where the 4 (or more depending on shutter size) holes will go. Make sure the shutter stays in place while you make those market holes so they stay accurate. IMPORTANT - when making these pilot marks, make sure your drill bit is the same size or smaller than the pre-drilled hole as to not widen the pre drilled holes.  You don’t want those holes to become too wide to securely accept the mounting screws through them.


  1. Once you’ve marked the side of the house, take shutter down, change your drill bit, and go ahead and drill the rest of the way into the side of the house.


  1. Once the holes are drilled, Hammer the little plastic anchors into those holes (included in the hardware)


  1. Put the shutter back up and then just use the 3” screws I sent to mount them (they’ll be super sturdy).


  1. The iron bolts were sent unattached as they’re the last step. They’re technically decorative since the screws are actually what’s holding the shutters to the side of the house - so what you’ll do is once the shutters are screwed in, is just take a hammer and as close as you can to the screw head, just nail them so that the fat part of the bolt ends up covering up the screw heads. Just be consistent with where you put them - I typically drill the holes with the intent that the bolts will be placed adjacent to the screw heads nearest to the shutter edge. So for example, on the right side on the shutter, put the bolt on the right next to the screw head, and the left side, immediately to the left of the screws head, so on a so forth. If you prefer them closer in to the middle, then just do the opposite - totally you’re call, but yea, just make sure you’re consistent with what you decide so they stay even and level.


Then there ya go! That should about do it!