Warranty Ottoman/ Coffee Table Tray



Well look at you! Congratulations on your 100% American, handmade ottoman tray from Nashville Woodcraft.  Unless of course you’re still debating on whether you want it… In which case, go for it! You know you do! Dare we say that these ottoman, or coffee table trays, or wall art (if that’s what you decide to do with it, who knows, you do you) are the sturdiest, most well-built trays you’ll hold in your hands.  We know these trays intimately and make each and every one of them by hand in our small shop, so we can say that the craftsmanship is unmatched by any big box retailer on either side of the Mississippi, and that you’ll have it for longer than mom jeans have been in style. And apparently mom jeans never even went out off style.  You’ll will this thing to your grandkids.    


However, in the super rare event that something isn’t quite right, we have your back!  Here are the details in plain English.  


Purchases of ottoman/coffee table trays are covered by a one year limited warranty.  This warranty coverage is applicable against workmanship and manufacturer defects. If the product arrives to you defective we will either repair or replace the product on behalf of the customer.


The following conditions are not covered under this warranty:


  • Damage or abuse to ottoman/coffee table tray by intentional or accidental means
  • Attempting to alter the ottoman/coffee table tray, or use for purposes other than it was intended
  • Straight up normal wear and tear
  • Damage to ottoman/coffee table trayfrom attempting to scrub it with an abrasive cleaning agent
  • Damage to ottoman/coffee table tray from putting it in the dishwasher
  • Damage to ottoman/coffee table trayfrom exposure to extreme heat, cold, open flame, or hot wax
  • Any warping or cracking due to storing of ottoman/coffee table trayin an excessively damp or humid environment. 
  • Damage to ottoman/coffee table tray from dogs chewing on it.
  • Damage to ottoman/coffee table tray from YOU chewing on it.
  • Damage to ottoman/coffee table tray from kids using it as a toboggan on a snowy day…or in the mud on a rainy day, depending on where you live and how weird your kids are.


I suppose the last three bullets are somewhat edge-case scenarios and I hope you’re not offended.  Just figured why not - since these days companies have to disclose that laundry soap pods should not be eaten, and clothes need to be taken off your body before attempting to iron them.  It’s true, read the little booklet that came with your clothing iron.


For instructions on how to properly care for your ottoman/coffee table tray please refer to the care and instructions section of the website.