Solid Maple, Cherry & Walnut End-Grain Butcher Block Cutting Board

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  • Product Size: 18 in x 12 in
  • Wood Cut: End-Grain
  • Style: Striped
  • Wood Used: Cherry, Maple & Walnut

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The bright tones of the hard maple make this board a lively addition to any kitchen, while the addition of the walnut gives the whole piece a  nice eye catching accent. Given it’s thickness, it makes for a nice sturdy and elegant surface for chopping.  As with any of our boards, they can also serve as an attractive surface for your charcuterie displays when entertaining guests.  Each board comes with rubber feet to hold the block secure to your kitchen counter while cutting, and the finger grooves on the bottom sides make it very easy to pick up.

I know what you’re probably thinking, and yes, that’s a lot of cheese on that board for only having like 5 slices of baguette bread.  I was majorly concerned with the bread to cheese ratio as well when my sister in law made up this cocktail party display.  I was worried that someone was going to have to take that whole brie wedge to the face like it was a slice of pizza.  Also, life lesson, raw rosemary really doesn’t taste good and should be left on the board for decoration.  Truth be told, my wife was supposed to act as a hand model for this product photo shoot and do something more standard like cut a tomato or something.  But as she had a last minute conflict, the photographer thought it would be a bad idea to try and substitute my beat-up, woodshop man-hands for my wife's freshly manicured ones.  So along comes the pivot to a charcuterie thing.  …I suppose at least we now know that these butcher blocks dress up real nice as charcuterie boards…thanks to my sister in law’s meat n’ cheese arrangement skills… 

Enough rambling, let's talk about this butcher block.  See the 'about' section below.


This block design is made out of solid hardwood (duh) and consists of Walnut, Cherry, and Hard Maple. Like all of our products, I hand select the rough stock wood from my local family-owned lumber yard here in Nashville, and cut and plane the rough wood myself to be used in the work you see here.

All of the woods in this block are suitable for butcher blocks, though hard maple (the center portion, and most surface area for cutting) is the industry standard for cutting boards and butcher blocks, and has been for years. Maple is hard enough to withstand the abuse of being a cutting board, but not so hard that it will damage or dull down your expensive knives. Victory! Victory!

All blocks are finished with a food-safe finish.

Finger grooves and rubber feet come standard on all butcher blocks.

Now go on a get one, you know you want it!

DIMENSIONS: 12"W x 18"L x approx 1.75" thick

Customer Reviews

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Janice L.

This cutting board was a gift from my husband. I LOVE this cutting board! The wood is beautiful. The functionality is amazing. The board was hand delivered to my home. How cool is that!!!? I love the fact that the board was made in Nashville. I can not rave enough about this. Wonderful addition to my remodeled kitchen. Sorry, I have to go now and cut something for lunch!!! Thank you!!!

Paula K.

Sturdy yet beautiful. The care and attention taken are reflected through this handcrafted cutting board. Keep up the great work!

Liston W.

We absolutely love our new butcher block! It looks beautiful in the photos, but it looks even better in person. Thank you so much Nashville WoodCraft! 5-stars, highly recommend them to everyone.

Rosalie B.

Wow! This is even more gorgeous in person! My husband is afraid to chop on it, he said it’s too pretty to use. But it’s thick, sturdy and heavy and I know it will hold up for years and years! Thanks for the wax to maintain it as well! Thank you!

Glory M.

Ok, I can’t say enough good things about my board or this purchase in general, and customer service was perfect. First off, my husband has a certain allergy and NashvilleWoodCraft took the time to walk me through things in case it could trigger my husband’s allergy. That alone was awesome and they couldn’t have been nicer. Now the board itself: PERFECTION. I mean, it’s even more gorgeous in real life and pictures just don’t do it justice. Mine’s got routered handles and no feet so I can actually use both sides, one for chopping and the other for charcuterie. For a pristinely-made handmade board, the turnaround time was fast and they packaged my board perfectly so transit/shipping wasn’t an issue. In short, I’m IN LOVE and everything exceeded my expectations. THANK YOU!!