Hardwood Herringbone Shutters

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Stain Color

These shutters are made from 100% American Hardwood (0% plywood or cheap construction pine here). I source the rough stock wood from a local lumber yard here in Nashville TN, and then plane and dimensions each piece myself into the surfaced wood (smooth, finished) that gets used to make the shutters. These are made of 100% Poplar - a hardwood that has a very nice grain pattern, stains well, and is also durable. They're solid wood, they're thick, and they're darn sturdy.  All sets include the black iron clavos bolts as seen in the some of the pictures below. 

LOCAL ONLY: Currently, these custom shutters are only available locally in the southeastern part of the United States, within a few hours drive from Nashville Tennessee where they can be delivered in person.  The price listed is for a standard size pair (2 shutters) measuring 48" x 15".  All sets are made to order.  Please contact us for estimates on turnaround times, and use the ADD TO QUOTE button above for custom size inquiries. 

  • Product Size: Custom, or Standard 48"x15"
  • Style: Herringbone
  • Wood Used: Poplar

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These hardwood herringbone-style shutters are hand-crafted to perfection.  Available in custom sizes and color options, they provide an elegant, yet slightly rustic accent to any home.  Though intended for the outside of your home, these shutters are made with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that you might expect for a fine piece of furniture.  No slapping together here!  We stand by these shutters, and even have them around every window on our own house.

The amount of jealousy and tension that will permeate your neighborhood as a result of putting these shutters on your house is immeasurable.  So much so that I almost didn’t want to keep making these anymore, because I didn’t want to be the reason for any falling outs between you and your neighbors because they just couldn’t handle the way that you went ahead and upped your social class by tenfold and left them in the dust…all from one simple shutter purchase.  Especially because after putting these on your house, you might suddenly find yourself referring to your home as your “manor”, or your “estate”  And you’ll think to yourself - “who am I?  Did I just refer to my quarter-acre property as my ‘kingdom’…and did I tell my neighbor Mike that I’d taken on a new self-appointed nickname, and to call me ‘The [Duke or Duchess]’ moving forward? …Who. Am. I?”  Well, I can answer that.  You’re now the Duke or Duchess of your neighborhood is what you are.  You apparently said so yourself.

So we can’t promise that you won’t become the neighborhood weirdo after putting these on your house - and we can’t be held accountable for your actions under the influence of your new class status.  But what we CAN promise is that these shutters are made with the level of craftsmanship that nobody really seems to put into shutters these days for some reason.  Like, the sturdiness and attention to detail that you might expect for a piece of furniture that’s intended for inside the house.  Except they of course go on the outside.  Absolutely nothing about these is slapped together.

Now go on, you know you always wanted to live on a manor…and be the Lord or Lady of it.  Now you can! Just gotta get the right shutters is all! And we can help you with that.

Shutter width is 15", and the standard length is 48" long. However, these sizes can be customized to what you need. I recommend taking a measuring tape, and measuring from the top trim to the bottom trim of your window to find the appropriate length you need. Going longer than 48" will increase the price as the material costs are higher, and going shorter will reduce the cost slightly. Custom sizes may add to the delivery time. Just send a note over with what you need and we'll gladly accommodate.

Customer Reviews

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Cecilia P.

I’ve seen other rustic looking shutters around our neighborhood before and wanted something similar for our house. These have a somewhat rustic aesthetic to them, but there’s nothing rustic about the way these were made. I was super surprised by the level of craftsmanship and detail that went into these. Far better than what I was expecting and anything I’d seen before. Steve even sent us samples to help us decide what color we wanted to go with. Highly recommend these!

Tom H.

Extremely pleased with the way these came out!

Mary T.

The pictures looked nice, but definitely don’t capture the level of craftsmanship that go into these. We weren’t exactly sure about the color we wanted, so Steve actually sent us some samples on scrap wood. We ended up going with a custom color he mixed up himself. Super happy with the way these came out!

Catherine B.

My husband and I got a couple sets of these for our front windows and they look amazing!!! The craftsmanship is outstanding. The black iron calves bolts really add a nice touch as well. Would definitely recommend!

Shai G.

We don’t have them hung up yet but they are absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to hang them!