Walnut Hardwood Herringbone Ottoman Tray

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Gorgeous Handmade Full Walnut Ottoman Tray for your decorating and entertaining dreams!

  • Product Size: 28 in x 17 in
  • Wood Cut: End-Grain
  • Style: Herringbone
  • Wood Used: Walnut

Ottoman Tray Care

Ottoman Tray Warranty

Crafted out of Walnut hardwood, this tray features the very elegant, rich, and deep tones of this type of wood. The herringbone design in the base of the tray offers a unique and eye-catching texture that fits in any style of design, from modern to rustic.  The brushed brass handles offer a very elegant accent to the sides of the tray. Very functional on both an ottoman or coffee table.  

This baby is made out of Hard Wood! No cheap alternatives.  It's unlike any other ottoman tray you've likely ever encountered before...in fact, I only call it an ottoman tray because my wife insists that that's what it is... I disagree.  I consider it a mini dining room table, that sits on your ottoman, or coffee table...or any number of other places in your house that you just wish you could have your dining room table with you...  You can tell that it's a mini dining room table by the way it sounds when you set your beer down on it.  Like Thor's hammer slamming into the side of a mountain.  Next time there's a tornado or hurricane or earthquake in Nashville, I won't be heading into the basement, I'll be hiding under this thing, giggling at the pathetic storm outside.  This thing is solid, it's sturdy.  Yet sensitive and pretty when you need a shoulder to cry on.  Just kidding, try not to cuddle with this thing, it's heavy, you'll get a black eye.  

This particular tray is made out of Walnut hardwood, top and bottom and has brushed brass handles on it.  Like all of our products, I hand select the rough stock wood from my local lumber yard here in Nashville, and cut and plane the rough wood myself to be used in the work you see here.  Walnut is one of the harder woods on the spectrum.  Unlike lots of reclaimed wood or pine, Walnut is more durable and tougher to scratch...very difficult to scratch with your fingernail for example.   Since it's harder and denser, it's also a bit heavier.  These qualities make Walnut a great wood for making items like this, as it is durable and will last for years and years.  Not to mention the grain characteristics are very pleasing to look at.  


Like anything made out of real wood - you need to treat it with respect and take care of it.  Please see product care notes for more information.   


The product has been finished with satin lacquer to seal and protect it, same finish that is used on most dining room tables.  

Customer Reviews

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Whitney S.

The online photos do not do justice to the craftsmanship and beauty of this piece! The walnut color is beautiful and the handles just pop against it. Such a wonderful statement piece and perfect for the top of our large ottoman that goes with our 7 seat sectional.

Julie R

Stunning craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

Brett D.

Very high quality tray - the craftsmanship is outstanding. The herringbone is a nice detail and shows of the grain of the walnut. Highly recommend.

Hillary S.

Beyond beautiful craftsmanship! Everything was perfect. The piece itself is one of a kind. I love looking at it. I am so thankful to Steve and Mallory. Mallory also answered all of my questions and the tray was shipped with the utmost care. I will definitely be ordering again! Thank you!

Chris L.

The tray is indeed beautiful and was exactly as shown in the pictures. It arrived on time and well packaged. I bought it for my wife as a birthday present. She loves trays (and also loves throw pillows if you must know). While we already have more than our share of trays at home, she was thrilled when she got this one. It is sitting comfortably on our ottoman (use a coaster please).